1. When and where will be available the definite program of the conference?

The preliminary program will be available two weeks before the conference in the “Home“ section. We will also inform you about any changes concerning the program in the “Home“ section. The definite program will be available on the first day of the conference.

2. How can I ask for the official invitation letter? When will I receive it?

If you need any special document, please contact us via email globalization2013osucz. We can send you an official invitation letter after the organizing committee accepts the proposal.

3. May I ask the organizers of the conference for financial support?

Our budget does not allow us to provide any form of financial assistance, though we understand that travel costs from distant places to Ostrava are very high. We would recommend you to turn for help to a private or government foundations, which can finance your travel and stay in the Czech Republic.

4. Do I have to pay a fee just for attending the conference?

No, there is no fee for attending; it is open to the public.

5. Is the publication of my paper guaranteed?

No. We will only publish those papers which will meet all formal and scientific standards.

6. Can the paper be published in the conference proceedings without personal attendance at the conference? Do I have to pay the fee in this case?

Yes, paper can be published without personal attendace at the conference, but fee must be paid – see passive attendance in Fees and registration.

7. If the paper has several authors and all of them want to attend the conference, do all co-authors have to pay the conference fee or is the fee charged per paper?

The conference fee is charged per attending person. All co-authors who intend to present a paper and will be physically present have to pay a conference fee. If a paper has several authors and only one of them will come to the conference, then only this one person needs to pay the conference fee.