The City of Ostrava offers a number of possibilities of accommodation. The conference will take place only 5-10 minutes by bus (15-20 minutes by foot) from the city-center. Hotels in or near the conference venue are accessible by urban traffic in every few minutes. Ostrava city centre offers cultural and technical-historical sites, fine food, networking and entertainment spots. At the other hand Silesian Ostrava offers rather calm localities with panoramic views at the city.

A comprehensive list of hotels can be found at the official website of the City of Ostrava, or using the Google maps services for learning the particular locations.

The following hotels offer good quality at a reasonable price and are located in or near the centre. The conference venue is fully accessible by regular buses connecting given city hotels in 5 to 15 minutes driving distances. Hotel websites are also in English.

Hotel Mercure (from 38 EUR per night, 10 minutes by bus to conference venue)

Hotel Brioni (from 44 EUR per night, 10 min. by bus to conference venue)

Hotel Palace Elektra (from 53 EUR, 10 min. by bus to conference venue)

Hotel Trio (from 58 EUR, 10 min. by bus to conference venue)

Hotel Ruby Blue (from 54 EUR, 10 min. by bus to the venue)

Hotel Maria (48 EUR, 8 min. by bus to conference venue)

Hotel Imperial (from 65 EUR, 10 min. by bus to conference venue)

Hotel Park Inn (from 48 EUR, 10 min. by bus to conference venue)

Hotel Chateau Zábřeh (from 40 EUR, 30 minutes by vehicle to the venue)

We recommend Hotel Mercure Ostrava.

The following hotels and apartments offer standard quality accommodation and nice meals at reasonable prices. All of them are located in Silesian Ostrava’s around the conference venue at the Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava.

Hotel Mexico (from 690,- CZK or 28 EUR a room, 10 min. by foot, 3 min. by bus)

Hotel Metropol (from 520,- CZK or 21 EUR a room, 3 minutes walking distance)

Hotel Best (from 1100,- CZK or 44 EUR a room, 6 minutes walking distance)

Penzion Fermata (from 650,- CZK or 25 EUR a room, 8 minutes walking distance)

Vysokoškolské koleje Jana Opletala (from 920,- CZK or 35 EUR, student dormitory with a playground for tennis, 4 minutes walking distance)

The list of prices was composed using given hypertext links prior to February 2013. Prices are subjects to change according to reservation tables accessible at the websites. Offers often include accommodation, breakfast, all taxes, etc. but may differentiate in some services. For further information please refer to particular hotel websites above, or do contact us.