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First time in the Czech Republic?



The Czech Republic is an inland country in Central Europe, member state of the European Union. The capital is Prague, official currency is koruna (CZK, Czech Crown), and exchange rate to Euro is approx. 25 CZK/EUR.

The city of Ostrava, with 300 000 inhabitants, is situated in the north-eastern part of the Czech Republic. A typical industrial face of Ostrava region has been changing for last 20 years, but areas of coal mining, metallurgical and chemical industry can be found here. Today, Ostrava plays a strong economic, cultural, administrative and educational role and its surroundings are attractive for foreign investors.


Traveling by plane

The best connection from abroad is available via Václav Havel Airport in Prague. There are several flights from Vienna and Prague to Ostrava Leos Janacek International Airport daily. Vienna International Airport is also widely used by travellers going in the Czech Republic. International airports in Krakow and Katowice (both in neighbouring Poland) are also good choice for travelling to Ostrava (namely due to the amount of low-cost airlines flying to/from these two airports), however the train connection from Krakow and Katowice is considerably worse than from Prague and Vienna. Check your favourite flight operator for more information about flights to Czech Republic.

If you use the combination of flight to Prague and then continuing by train, you can use bus line provides a direct connection between Prague’s air, rail and municipal mass transit systems. Buses marked AE (AIRPORT EXPRESS) connect Prague Main Station (Praha hl.n.) and the Prague Airport. The AE bus line operates daily at regular 30-minute intervals. In the direction of Prague Airport this connection can be used from 6:35 to 22:05. The stop is situated in the municipal transit area in front of the Letiště Praha, Terminál 1 check-in hall. The ticket cost 60 CZK and is available from bus driver. Instead of AE you can use a Czech Railways public bus service or public transport.

Traveling by car

Don’t forget to buy highway stamp when crossing border to the Czech Republic. Road map can be found here.

Traveling by train

From Prague – there are direct high-speed trains (SC Pendolino) connecting Prague (Main Station/Hlavni nadrazi) with Ostrava (Svinov Station and Main Station/Hlavni nadrazi) 9 times a day, the travel takes about 3 hours (ticket cost 600 CZK/approx. 26 EUR). Airport Express bus service operates between Prague Airport and Prague Main Station. Direct EuroCity and InterCity trains between Prague and Ostrava operate in approx. two-hour period; the travel takes about 4 hours (ticket cost 430 CZK/approx. 18 EUR). Tickets for these trains are available in offices of Czech railway in every train stations. Other possibility is using private comfortable trains like RegioJet, travel takes about 3 hours (ticket cost 300 CZK/approx.13 EUR, available in RegioJet office at the train station) or LeoExpres (time and price similar as RegioJet).

From Vienna – EuroCity trains connect Wien Südbahnhof or Wien Meindling with Ostrava, the travel takes about 3 hours (ticket cost 830 CZK/approx. 33 EUR); please note that you may have to change trains in Breclav or Brno.

From Katowice – there are 3 EuroCity trains connecting Katowice with Ostrava, the travel takes about 2 hours (ticket cost 320 CZK/approx. 13 EUR).

From Krakow – there is no direct connection between Krakow and Ostrava, except two night trains which arrive to Ostrava in the early morning hours (2 and 3 AM respectively), the travel takes about 4 hours (ticket cost 440 CZK/approx. 18 EUR). Another possibility is to combine trains with change in Katowice or/and Bohumin.

For traveling from different destinations and for more information check National timetable information system web pages.

There are three big railway stations in Ostrava – Svinov Station, Vitkovice Station and Main Station/Hlavni nadrazi – please note that Main Station is located close to the city centre, where the conference takes place. Most of trains finish in Main Station/Hlavni nadrazi anyway. Don´t worry, you can use trolleybus to get to conference place.

If you finish at Main Station/Hlavni nadrazi use the trolleybus No. 108 or 104 and go to bus stop Revirni bratrska pokladna (aprox 20 min.) University is close to this bus stop. The ticket for trolleybus is available at news shop at train station next to main door, or in the ticket automat outsider – but note please that you need coins at this case. Third possibility is buying the ticket from the trolleybus driver. Short term ticket cost 16-26 CZK 24hrs cost 75 CZK.

If you will need further assistance, please, consult travel arrangements with us, we will gladly provide assistance in this matter.

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