Food and relax

In case you get really hungry or wish to discuss with new colleagues over a cup of coffee or tea, you might like to visit one of these places (of course there are many other pubs, cafes and restaurants in the city centre and other parts of Ostrava, for example you might enjoy the concentration of pubs, clubs and restaurants at Stodolní ulice).

The Daily Menus are usually available at the 11 AM – 2 PM period, with possible exceptions. Of course it is possible to get proper lunch or dinner in other times, however the prices usually differ (they get higher).

Food in the City Centre

2 Promile
Puchmajerova 8
Daily Menu: 65 – 85/c. 3 EUR

Vojanova 1a
Daily Menu: 85 Kč/c. 4 EUR
Vegetarian restaurant
Non- smoking

Dlouhá 100-ry
Nádražní 1325/18
Daily Menu: cca 90 – 150 Kč/c. 4 – 7 EUR

Ristorante Rusticana
Sokolská třída 944/23
Daily Menu: 85 Kč/c. 4 EUR
Vegetarian restaurant

Rock & Roll Garage Club
Zahradní ulice 4
Daily Menu 65 – 85 Kč/c. 3 EUR

U Křížánka
Nádražní 1325/18
Daily Menu: 80 – 140 Kč/c. 3 – 6 EUR

U Rady
Poštovní ulice 1474/16
Daily menu 70 – 100 Kč/c. 2- 4 EUR

Tea and Coffee in the City Centre

Café No. 10
Jiráskovo náměstí 10

Ostravanka Coffee shop
Milíčova 2

Klub Atlantik
Československých legií 7

Café Au Pére Tranquille
Musorgského 8
French-style restaurant and café

Café Černá Hvězda
Stodolní 2